For 22 years we have been creating fabrics in Taiwan that have gone on to be worn by millions worldwide.

Flying Tex’s eco-friendly collection delivers the same performance as the traditional fabrics with much less CO2 footprint. We provide fabrics made from recycled bottles or renewable resources, applied with PFC-Free water repellent treatment, and laminated with solvent-free or bio-based membrane.

Built for high visibility, durability, and high abrasion resistance, our work series maximize your protection in the work environment while feel comfortable at the same time.

Flying Tex snow collection withstands heavy rain and wet snow under high water resistance and excellent vapor permeability which keeps skiers and snowboarders warm and dry under extreme weather condition.

Light weight fabrics with abrasion resistance, stretch, windproof, water repellence, and breathability allow wearers to enjoy outdoor activities while dealing with the windy and rainy weather.

Ours series of high stretch and abrasion resistant fabrics are designed with rich cottony hand feel which is excellent for keeping wearers protected in comfort at high altitude.

Designed for mobility, portability and style. Our water-repellent and wind-proof fabrics minimize the impact of drizzle and sudden weather change on the daily commuters.

There’s no reason why fashion design can’t co-exist with performance. Our built-in stretch, moisture wicking, quick drying, uv blocking collection makes fashion lovers comfortable while looking good.

Get your custom fabrics developed with the composition, construction, and finish that you want, and even have then printed with your unique artwork.